New homes, much better than old ones.

Managing a new home construction requires an experienced team behind you. We coordinate all the key tasks, from design and specification, to building, installation, and finishing. Only a comprehensive home builders firm such as ours will have the best control of a new home project. Whether your property is a new private home, town house or apartment, Topmarc is your one-stop boutique home builders shop.

Single point of contact

By performing every task under single-management, we are able to stay on budget and on schedule for you. Topmarc services its clients seamlessly to give them a high level of confidence that things will be completed correctly. Our goal is to protect you from the nuisances and headaches associated with new home projects. We are constantly achieving this goal across a wide variety of projects throughout Brisbane. We provide clients with a single point of contact and maintain full-time house builders, so that we are only ever a phone call away.

Professional home builders

We employ the very best custom tradesmen. To be a member of the Topmarc team, our tradesmen require a wealth of knowledge and experience in their particular trade and comply with all regulations.

Move-in inspection

Construction may be done, but we're not. We take special care to inspect and correct all work before the client moves in. This is done with our keen eye for detail. Plus, we can coordinate your move-in and show you how your fixtures and equipment work, making your first few days in your new home that much easier.

Ultimately we make your new home dreams come true and build your vision.

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